Ask Amberleigh: The Get Your Sh*t Together COMPLETE COURSE

$297.00 USD

Upon purchasing this course, you will immediately gain access to Lesson 1.  From there, each lesson will drip every 24 hours afterwards to give you time to integrate the topic for the day.  You will receive an e-mail alert as soon as each lesson becomes available.  These 5 lessons are: Being, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Movement, and Energy.  Each lesson includes an educational overview video, a previously-recorded webinar with an energy healing+ Q&A, a PDF support document, a guided energy healing audio download, and more!

This course is self-paced, and you are encouraged to download the course to save for future reference.  There are no live webinar events during this course, as the ones available on here were previously recorded.

This course is like an online, private, 1:1 health retreat with Amberleigh, where everything discussed has a focused intent to shift, specifically on topics that frequently come up during private client sessions.  This is absolutely the BEST supplement to dive deeper into each category of your life to help you Get Your Shit Together!

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With this purchase, I understand that this course is not a substitute for medical care, treatment, therapy, or medications.  This is not conducted as practicing medicine or diagnosing, healing, curing, or mitigating anything.  Should I suspect any health issue, I will contact my physician.  I am solely responsible for my health.