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The Get Your Shit Together Course

Feel like you need to get your shit together?! This online course can be downloaded and taken at your leisure, designed specifically to give you easy starting points to create the biggest impact in your life. Through videos, audio downloads, and more, Amberleigh guides you through the topics of Being, Nutrition, Movement, Lifestyle, and Energy.

The Back to Basics Course

This downloadable mini-course covers which foods are biologically more optimal to ingest, the science behind it, and the metaphysics of it. This information includes food & lifestyle practices, as well as the best ways to implement them.

The Ask Amberleigh Podcast

Amberleigh's podcast covers health topics and gives you interesting viewpoints and fun, dynamic approaches. This podcast will expand your outlook and your options for health and healing, as Amberleigh covers both the scientific and the woo.


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