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To book a 15-minute or 60-minute private energy healing session or food+lifestyle consultation over the phone with Amberleigh, hit the button below!

Ask Amberleigh Podcast Episode 4: David Kennet

Amberleigh travels to New York City to experience sound healing with David Kennet. Watch her transformation below!

Ask Amberleigh Podcast Episode 3: Vulnerability with Sheena Mannina


Need to Get Your Shit Together?!

The Get Your Shit Together Course

We've all been there! The "Get Your Shit Together" is a 5-day online course designed, produced, & guided exclusively by Amberleigh, giving you easy & dynamic starting points to create the most impact in the biggest areas of your life: Being, Nutrition, Movement, Lifestyle, and Energy. This is NOT your typical "health course", in the best of ways! This is THE course that was inspired by Amberleigh's 100+private sessions with clients. So it's like having a 5-day, private 1:1 retreat with Amberleigh, diving deeper into the themes commonly seen in her clients' lives. This course is intended to give YOU the power back to help you create the greatest changes in your health, happiness, & life. With videos, live webinar recordings (with powerful energy healing segments!), PDFs, audio downloads, & more, you will have the fun support you need to Get Your Shit Together! Are you ready?

The Back to Basics Course

This mini-course is the best, most detailed PDF download created by Amberleigh regarding food (which foods are biologically more optimal to ingest, the science behind it, as well as the metaphysics of it). This information is a concise overview of everything Amberleigh has learned about food & lifestyle practices, as well as the best ways to implement them.

The Ask Amberleigh Podcast

The Ask Amberleigh Podcast transforms mundane health topics into fun, making options for health and healing understandable and enjoyable. Take a breath & gird your loins because it will definitely expand your horizons for what's possible!


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